TGP Systems

Sliding Systems

TGP offers sliding systems solutions both PVC and Aluminum systems

TGP offers veriety of solutions in sliding systems, such as TGP Fortuna Paralel Sliding System, TGP Felix Lift & Slide Systems and TGP Fleet Slide and Fold Systems.

TGP Fortuna is the name of the tilt&slide system for PVC  windows and doors.

TGP Fortuna MA is suitable for manual systems.TGP Fortuna SA is suitable for semi-automatic systems.

TGP Altura is the name of the tilt&slide system for Aluminium windows and doors.TGP Altura 181 is suitable for 16 mm groove aluminium profiles .TGP Altura 182 is suitable for EURO groove aluminium profiles.

Tilt & Slide doors are the best solution if you have little or limited space inside your home.

Our doors open fully by sliding to provide a large open area perfect for the summer. Or, they can be tilted inwards for efficient and regulated ventilation while keeping your home and family safe and secure

TGP Felix is the optimum solution especially for large doors, terraces, balconies and gardens. 

TGP Felix;

- Provides  usability and application options  for wide measurement ranges .

- Allows  making  sash  for 300 cm widht, 280 cm height and maximum 300 KG weigth.

- Allows  moving  the sash which is for 300 KG.

- Allows  covering  a space  for  300cm x 1200 cm with 4 sash applications.

- Removes the insulation problem with the special gasket as it appears on  basic sliding systems.

- Allows  making  ventilation without any security problem  with the feature of fixing at the desired point on the moving sash.

- Provides  appropriate solutions without compromising on insulation, security and  tableau.

TGP Fleet;

Slide and Fold Systems are a popular choice for new constructions, this door keeps rooms open and flexible to the outdoors or adjoining spaces.

If you want to try a practical, stylish way to maximising space and minimising the barriers between the inside and out, you can find them in slide and fold system.

This systems offer extensive freedom of design, high process safety, cost and time saving production, few tools required