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TGP Systems Social Media Accounts

We are pleased to announce our new social media accounts.


As TGP Systems family we are pleased to announce the release of our new social media accounts. We know that great success comes with great efforts and we are always trying to improve our brand with tracking new developments. Our vision is, developing our one’s market to all over the world and improve the quality of our services with using technology more. Our purpose is increasing our customer network with our social media accounts in addition to e-commerce web site memberships.



 You can reach our social media accounts from;



TGP Systems are widely used in Europe countries since 10 years. If you check the product groups you can find tilt turn accessories, window and door handles, paralel sliding (wolkswagen type of sliding) window and door hardware, balustrades systems, mishandling device etc. in Romania, Macedonia, Serbia and Crotia. Any window and door accessories, machines, ready to montage fly screen systems, windows and doors for your home that can be easily served from all those locations




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